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We are always searching for excellent and highly motivated people to join the team for bachelor, master, doctoral or postdoc work. We welcome informal enquiries at any time. Applications should include a cover letter, CV and copies of the most important certificates sent by e-mail.


Master Student Position

We seek students with a genuine interest in laboratory work. Interest in working with cellular systems, classical immunohistological techniques and light microscopy analysis of cytoskeletal and signalling proteins is required.  Ideally, before beginning of the master thesis, specific training [8 weeks; valid as research internship (Forschungspraktikum)] on cell culture techniques, biochemistry and microscopy/imaging methods for acquisition of basic experimental knowledge and insight into the laboratory routine should be completed.

We offer individual projects with emphasis on molecular and cellular basis of actin cytoskeleton dynamics, cell adhesion and motility and interaction of cells with biomaterials (1-5).  The official language of our Institute is English.  The application should include cover letter, C.V. and exam certificates.  For application please contact:

Dr. Antonio Sechi

Universitätsklinikum, RWTH Aachen

Institut für Biomedizinische Technologie - Zellbiologie

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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1.      Paschoalin, R.T., Traldi, B., Aydin, G., Oliveira, J.E., Rütten, S., Mattoso, L.H.C., Zenke, M. and Sechi, A. (2017).  Solution Blow Spinning Fibres: New Immunologically Inert Substrates for the Analysis of Cell Adhesion and Motility. Acta Biomaterialia, 51: 161-174.

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4.      Maxeiner, S., Shi, N., Schalla, C., Aydin, G., Hoss, M., Vogel, S., Zenke, M. and Sechi, A.S. (2015). Crucial role for the LSP1-myosin1e bi-molecular complex in the regulation of Fcg receptor-driven phagocytosis. Mol. Biol. Cell. 26: 1652-1664.

5.      Shokouhi, B., Coban, C., Hasirci, V., Aydin, E., Dhanasingh, A., Shi, N., Koyama, S., Akira, S., Zenke, M. and Sechi, A.S. (2010). The role of multiple Toll-like receptor signalling cascades on interactions between biomedical polymers and dendritic cells.

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